Apple Watch 7 Series Featuring with Larger Scree, Tweaked Design...

Apple has officially launched the Apple Watch Series 7, which features new screen technology, adjusted design and new rugged credentials. 

Announcing at its California streaming event that Series 7 had not made major changes to the Watch felt like an iterative update to Series 6. 

In terms of design, it's increased to 41mm and 45mm in size, but Apple has reduced the border size to provide 20% more screen space than series 6. Apple says the Series 7's new display is 70 percent brighter than its predecessor and can hold up to 50 percent more text, making it better suited to reading email and long messages. 

With extra screen space, Apple redesigned the watchOS interface, used larger buttons on the app, and introduced full keyboard mode, which uses AI to help predict what you're going to enter next. Series 7 has a new exclusive dial, such as a redesigned modular dial, that takes advantage of additional space to accommodate richer and more complex features. 

Contrary to rumor mills suggesting that Apple will introduce a flatter case design to match the design it uses on the iPhone, Apple decided to offer roughly the same shell look, but with softer, more rounded corners. 

Apple has talked about the Series 7's improved durability because it features crack-resistant crystals on the display and IP6X dust certification to match the existing WR50 water rating. 

There are five new aluminum case colors for the Apple Watch Series 7 model option, as well as the new Nike and Hermès versions of series 7. 

Apple Watch Series 3 and Watch SE will continue to be available, so there are currently no Watch SE 2s.

In terms of functionality, we seem to be looking forward to the same functionality as Series 6. This means you can still monitor blood oxygen, get electrocardiogram readings and access all the same fitness tracking and exercise watches - style patterns and metrics. 

The Watch Series 7 will of course run on watchOS and out of the box on watchOS 8. 

The latest major update to Apple's smartwatch operating system was announced at the WWDC conference in July, introducing features such as the ability to add ID cards and driver's licenses to watches, more apps that support always-on display, new workout modes, and richer message support. 

Apple also revealed that it is adding better support for bike tracking, including a new drop detection mode designed for you to fall off your bike. 

Another big rumor about the new Apple Watch is that it's going to have an increase in battery life, but unfortunately that's not the case.

 Apple still touts the same 18-hour battery life as every generation of watches. However, it adds some quick charging, claiming it charges 33% faster than the Series 6 and can charge 0-80% in 45 minutes. 

For those who care about sleep tracking, series 7 can also provide 8 hours of sleep monitoring on an 8-minute charge. In terms of pricing, the Watch Series 7 starts at $399, so it's about the same as the Series 6 release price. Series 3 sells for $199 and Watch SE for $279. 

The Series 7 will be available "later this fall", which is certainly vague, but it may confirm some speculation that Apple may experience shipping delays on its latest watch. 

Overall, this is not the biggest update to the Apple Watch. We didn't get any breakthrough new health sensors or longer battery life, so Apple may keep them for the Watch Series 8 next year.