A Good Choice for Outdoor Sports Music Lovers, Sanag A7S Bone Conducting Bluetooth Headset

Among the many wireless Bluetooth headset brands, Sanag is undoubtedly a very special brand. Its successively launched many headsets have been praised by consumers. For example, the SanagX gaming headset I have used is a very good product. (Interested friends can go out and turn left to follow me, and then watch the detailed evaluation). Now Sanag keeps up with the pulse of the market, catches the latest market demand, and immediately launched bone conduction headphones, which are still loved by the majority of music lovers.

Now I happen to have a Bluetooth headset for A7S bone conduction gaming from Sanag. Why are bone conduction headsets becoming the darling of the market recently? How is it different from ordinary headphones? Let's take a look at this product that integrates Sanag's latest technology.

As an author of the department of science and technology, I will first popularize the difference between bone conduction earphones and ordinary earphones.

The first is that the sound mechanism of bone conduction earphones is different from that of ordinary earphones. Ordinary earphones, whether it is a dynamic earphone that uses a diaphragm horn, or a moving iron earphone with a vibrating rod connected to the diaphragm, is essentially the need to transform sound waves through the vibration of the diaphragm, and then conduct the sound through the eardrum of the human body to the auditory nerve.

The left side of the bone conduction headset emits sound waves through a vibrator, which is conducted to the auditory nerve through the skull bone on the side of the human ear, and the sound wave conduction is completed without the need to pass through the eardrum.

Obviously, because of the different working principles of the two, moving coil earphones and moving iron earphones basically need to be worn in an in-ear or semi-in-ear manner in order to hear the music clearly. The bone conduction earphones only need to be externally hung on the back of the head, and the earphone vibration unit is attached to the skull near the ear, and the sound can be clearly heard. So for people with inherently sensitive ears or people with narrow ear canals, bone conduction headphones will be a better choice.

This Sanag A7S bone conduction gaming Bluetooth headset is a product designed based on this principle. Compared with other brands of bone conduction headsets, Sanag A7S also has the following features:

One is the ultralight 
The Sanag A7S bone conduction gaming Bluetooth headset has the natural comfort of wearing bone conduction headsets. The whole machine is made of aviation-grade materials, and the vibration unit adopts a dual-magnet design, which reduces the volume of the headset by 35%. The weight of the machine is only 26g. Hanging on the ear can basically ignore its weight, so that the user's wearing experience is greatly improved.

The second is a special model design
The Sanag A7S Bone Conduction Gaming Bluetooth Headset adopts a U-shaped design as a whole, which is comfortable to wear, stylish and well-defined. The vibrating part adopts a 30-degree tilt design to optimize the direction of vibration transmission, thereby reducing vibration. The body also uses a streamlined sinking design. While fitting the ear shape, the wider space allows friends with glasses to wear headphones with admiration.

The third is to use special materials for production
The aviation-grade materials used in Sanag A7S not only reduce the weight of the headset, but also bring anti-perspiration effects to the headset, and strengthen the waterproof and dust-proof effect. The earphone has reached the waterproof and dustproof IP67 level, which can resist rain soaking, allowing users to use it normally even when exercising outdoors on rainy days.

The body is made of high-strength titanium alloy, no matter how it is bent or stretched, it can keep the body of the earphone from deforming and make the earphone more durable (my last bone conduction earphone was scrapped because of the fracture of the middle beam).

Fourth, the sound quality has been greatly improved
For bone conduction headphones, sound quality is definitely a natural weakness, because the sound waves of headphones are not conducted by the most sensitive eardrum, so bone conduction headphones lose many details when listening to music.

Sanag A7S has greatly improved this weakness. First, it optimizes the transmission of sound waves to release more low frequencies; secondly, the unique 9D stereo sound design of Sanag A7S makes the headphones closer to the sound details of in-ear headphones; then it use the CSR chip and DSP algorithm, the CVC active noise reduction technology allows the headset to eliminate external noise in the reverse direction and achieve active noise reduction. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology used makes the sound wave conduction more stable.

In terms of battery life: Sanag A7S bone conduction gaming Bluetooth headset comes with a 150mAh battery, which can provide up to 8 hours of uninterrupted work after a full charge, and the standby time is up to 10 days, eliminating the trouble of always charging for users.

Operation: Sanag A7S bone conduction gaming Bluetooth headset is designed with multi-function buttons. The body is designed with power switch, volume adjustment and microphone buttons. The buttons are relatively protruding, which is convenient for users to operate blindly when wearing them.

The reason why I chose Sanag A7S bone conduction gaming Bluetooth headset is mainly because there is no need to block the external ear canal, so that you can hear the outside world while listening to music. For example, in the process of riding, if there is a car coming from behind or other dangers come, you can know that it is safer than using fully enclosed earphones, making me safer during outdoor sports such as cycling and running. If you like outdoor sports as much as I do, this Sanag A7S bone conduction gaming Bluetooth headset is a very good choice.