Global Launch of Huawei P50 Series Will Happen on October 21 in Vienna

In the smartphone industry, Huawei has fallen, but it will certainly not be out. Its roster may be smaller and its scope of influence is more limited, but it is still very active.

  • There is a new Huawei event schedule, which is likely to be the global release of Huawei's P50 series.
  • The event was held in Vienna on October 21st.
  • Nearly two months ago, Huawei launched this phone in China.
For example, the company today issued an invitation for a new smartphone launch event (via Phone Arena). The invitation itself does not explain its purpose, but it is clear that this is a global event for the Huawei P50 series. You can see the profile of your smartphone in the invitation.

Take a look below:

As far as we know, Huawei has not released any new major smartphones. Usually, we will see a new Mate phone at this point in the release cycle. But as far as we know, the Mate series is currently dormant. In addition, the company has not released the Huawei P50 series globally, so it makes sense to launch the series in Vienna.

Nearly two months ago, Huawei launched the P50 in China. As usual, these phones have excellent hardware and absolutely top-notch camera systems. However, due to the Huawei ban, there is no Google Apps available, and it will be equipped with the Hongmeng operating system instead of the "normal" Android.

Huawei is no longer among the top five smartphone manufacturers in the world, and it remains to be seen how long it can survive as a global player. It will always have a solid audience in China, but the launch of the P50 series may be a major test to see if Western buyers are ready to live without Google.