BuhoCeaner, the Clean App Helps to Take Care Your Mac Effectively

If you are looking for an application that can help you clean up your Mac storage space for quick launch, then your search is over. Freeing up GB space is the game, and BuhoCleaner performs very well.

Use its intuitive, user-friendly UI to scan, identify, and manage user cache files, large files, applications that run at startup, and almost everything you need to make your Mac run like out-of-the-box.

Here is everything you need to know about BuhoCleaner.

Start using BuhoCleaner
First, you need to download and install BuhoCleaner from their official website. After clicking the link, click download in the upper right corner, and you can start.

You may have noticed that they have no apps on the AppStore. Why is that?

Take Dr. Buho’s answer directly: “Due to App Store review restrictions, some functions in BuhoCleaner cannot be published on the App Store (such as app uninstallation, etc.). This does not mean that BuhoCleaner is harmful or illegal.”

Therefore, Apple does not allow some proficiency of BuhoCleaner, but this does not mean that you can't get the application from their website and use it on today's Mac!

You know where to get it, but what does BuhoCleaner actually do for your Mac? Let's break it down.

BuhoCleaner feature analysis
BuhoCleaner provides five main functions that can be used to free up space and speed up your Mac.

Fast cleaning
Flash Clean is the easiest way to use BuhoCleaner. Just run the application, click scan, let it do its magic, and click delete.

Everything here is its! You can free up (possibly) GB of space with just a few clicks. If you want to know the detailed classification of the deleted data, please click View details. This will generate a list of application data to be deleted and the file size of each application.

Application uninstall
Application uninstallation is exactly what it sounds like. Can't find an annoying app to delete it from your Mac? You can find it here. Just select the application you want to uninstall, and click Delete in the lower right corner.

Large files
Large files are also easy to explain. This is the list of the largest files on your Mac; it is up to you whether you choose to delete them. Some may be important to work, games, or school, and others that you may have forgotten were once on your device!

Like other functions of BuhoCleaner, this function is also easy to use. Select the file you want to delete and click Delete. Enjoy your newly discovered storage space!

Duplicates allows you to select a folder on your Mac and scan any folder with the same size and content (ie duplicates). These folders will only take up unnecessary space, and BuhoCleaner wants to get rid of them for you.

Just click the + symbol to add folders that you think may have duplicates, and then press Scan. If there are any duplicates on your device, BuhoCleaner will recognize them and enable their deletion by clicking the "Delete" button.

Startup items
BuhoCleaner allows you to view the applications and processes that are automatically opened at startup. If you want to disable any application or process, just switch your choice to close. 
That's it!

Learn more about BuhoCleaner
If developers never update the application, what are the benefits? If you ask me, this is not a good thing at all. Fortunately, Dr. Buho is proud of their work, listens to the voice of the community, and often pushes out updates for BuhoCleaner. You can check the update log on Dr.Buho's website.

Now, I will go through some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in case I missed anything in the comments.

Q: Is BuhoCleaner compatible with M1 chip Mac?
A: Absolutely! The application is optimized to run on the M1 Mac. You need to be running macOS 10.12 or higher.

Q: Is BuhoCleaner safe to use?
A: Definitely. After installing the application on my MacBook Pro, I did not encounter any problems, I freed up more than 120GB of space! If you want to uninstall the application at any time, just drag it from Finder → Applications directly to the trash can.

Q: How do I know if BuhoCleaner is effective?
A: There are several ways to check, the easiest (in my opinion) is to let BuhoCleaner run again. Use Flash Clean to scan your Mac again and make sure it deletes all unnecessary files. If not, they will be picked up in the second scan.

Q: Do I need to keep BuhoCleaner running or share my location to access the application?
A: No! You can close BuhoCleaner after use and open it only when needed. The app also does not require you to share your location.

If you have other questions, please ask away in the comments!

BuhoCleaner can take care of your Mac. So what do you think? It is practical and also very simple! If you want to keep your Mac healthy and fast, installing BuhoCleaner is a breeze.

Source: igeeksblog