2022 Audi Q4 E-Tron: The Compact Audi EV Will Start at Just $44,995

In mass production, the Q4 E-Tron has a drag coefficient of 0.28, while the more fluid Sportback is also more aerodynamically smooth, at 0.26. Audi achieves these numbers with an adjustable cooling air inlet that cools only when necessary using the lower grille, plus a smooth body bottom and wheel spoiler.

The Q4 E-Tron is expected to be one size larger than the size shown in its size, measuring 180.7 inches long, 73.4 inches wide and 63.5 inches high, making it suitable for urban use. The 108.7-inch long wheelbase, combined with the low-level floors provided by the dedicated EV platform, helps provide a longer cabin - six feet longer, Audi says - than a petrol car of the same total length (Ford Escape is within an inch). 

Although you won't find a clumsy person in the Q4 E-Tron, moving the climate control system completely under the hood also helps clear the space in front, creating a particularly spacious front seat feel based on the concept we've sat in. The rear seats are 2.8 inches taller than the front to help give everyone a sense of space, and Audi says there are 0.9 cubic feet of storage in the cabin. Audi also confirmed that the Q4 offers comparable cargo space to the larger petrol Q5, with a Sportback of 26.1 cubic feet and an SUV of 24.8 cubic feet. 

The ground clearance of the Q4 lineup is approximately 7.1 inches, which should make it ideal for new winter snow or on rutted roads leading to the start of the trail. On the other hand, the available motion suspension reduces the suspension by 0.6 inches and provides an adjustable damping system. With the option pack, buyers will be able to get a sport suspension and progressive steering system as the flat bottom steering wheel rotates more, resulting in a faster ratio. 

Audi Drive Select will provide different driving profiles that fine-tune it, steering sensations, and other attributes. It has a turning radius of 33.5 feet. The driver can select "B" mode for more regenerative braking, but there are also shift paddles available that allow regeneration of up to 0.15g when you lift the throttle. In Dynamic mode, the default regeneration is improved.

Taking center stage for the interface is something you won’t find on the ID.4: a face-to-face augmented reality display that points out navigation direction or security issues by overlaying what the driver sees through the windshield with navigation direction or security issues. It places the static gauge display closer to the focus area in front of the driver (10 feet, compared to 33 feet for dynamic assistance). 

Thankfully, the interface is different from the one that debuted on the relevant Volkswagen ID.4, but rather the interface that was developed inside Audi, although it is basically similar in layout. The Q4 E-Tron will provide a version of its virtual cockpit meter display in front of the driver, as well as a 10.3-inch or 11.6-inch touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard, with a row of "buttons" underneath and enhanced with haptic feedback. There is a haptic feedback button on the steering wheel, as well as the opportunity to command by pressing the button or just "Hey Audi" in natural language. 

Audi has teased the possibility of Nappa leather plus two different eco-fabrics - artificial suede or fabric with artificial leather combinations - and expects the entire Q4 cabin material and decoration to have the same warmth and technical avant-garde look and feel as a hallmark of the larger E-Tron models. 

The Q4 will provide a central airbag that unfolds from the right side of the driver's seat. Audi plans to offer a complete range of auxiliary systems, including a predictive efficiency assist system that will help smooth out how many regenerations you use and when you use them, as well as a round-the-world camera and an adaptive cruise system with steering aids. 

The Q4 series will be produced in Zvikau, Germany. 

Audi has joked that a smaller electric car, possibly a closely related A4 E-Tron, could perfect its lineup of affordable Audi electric cars. The brand is expected to release more electric car news soon as carmakers fill their lineups with all-electric alternatives.